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17 September 2017
Dalia Beach - Kilyos

5K Mudrace Run :

The Bata Cika Mud Race courses have two different length. 5K course runs on a route of 5 kms. Course terrain is a blend of beach sand, grass, dirt track, stabilized forest roads and some mud. Generally wide tracks with some short narrow paths. There is some elevatoin change with short up and downs.

As this is a “Mud Race” expect mud and mud pits. Some water passing is planned, TBD due to final weather forecast.

Some are :

- Slippery Mountain
- Ladder low
- Stair wall
- Mud Pit
- Balance
- Tyre Obstacle
- Tunnel Crawling
- Water Snake
- Surprise

Mud Race Kayıt

Courses Displays

Ladder low

Mud Pit


Slippery mountain

Stair wall

Tyre Obstacle

Tunnel Crawling

Water Snake

What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer.Please click to volunteer!
Mud Race bir Macera Akademisi - Race Setter organizasyonudur.
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