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17 September 2017
Dalia Beach - Kilyos


The Merrell Mud Race is organized by courageous and industrious staff.

If you will not a participant of race , you can support this adventure race as a volunteer.

What we want from our volunteers to handle ?
• To setup registration table
• Saving our check points
• Giving medals / water at the finish line
• Reading / writing chest numbers at the check points
• To smile in any case :)

What we offer ?
• Being part of a great work
• Meeting change new people who see the World very different
• Transportation if needed
• Sharing food what we eat (stores)
• Mudrace event T-shirt
• Free registration for “2016 mudrace” or “2015 geyik run” as runner.

If you say “I can do!”, contact with us!
What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer.Please click to volunteer!
Mud Race bir Macera Akademisi - Race Setter organizasyonudur.
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