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17 September 2017
Dalia Beach - Kilyos

Registration Status

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Prices And Participation

BataÇıka Mudrace 17 Sep 2017
Early registration dates Normal registration dates Late registration dates Race Day***
30 June 2017
31 July 2017
1 August 2017
31 August 2017
1 September 2017
14 September 2017
17 September 2017
5K 75 TL
90 TL
100 TL
120 TL
Junior Adventurer** 25 TL
40TL 50TL 60TL

* Late entries has limited availability. When the race kits sell out, entries will be closed. 10TL of the 5K course's late entry prices and 5TL of Minik Maceracilar(Junior Adventurer) courses' late entry prices will be donated to Tohum Autism Foundation. You can register as late from race kit distribution ,which will be published at program page,point or event area.

** Junior Adventurer entry price includes race kit, participant bandana and entertainments.

*** Race day on site registry is limited with ready kits available. First come, first served.

• RFID Timing System will be used for Bata Çıka Mud Race.

All the start waves has limited to 200 participants max per wave to maintain course safety and running comfort.

Bata Çıka Start Times

17 Sep 2017

• 10:00
• 11:00
• 12:00
• 14:30
Junior Adventurer 7-12 Age
• 11:30
• 13:00
• 15:00

Junior Adventurer 4-6 Age
• 11:45
• 13:15
• 15:15

Payment: Bank / CC

Description:2017 Bata Çıka /participant name’s and surname’s
Account holder: Macera Akademisi
Bank: Finansbank Metrosite, Branch Code 971
IBAN: TR15 00111 000 000 000 38002704

The terms of cancellation:
- The refunds are to be implemented as such if a registration is cancelled under any circumstances:
- 70% of registration fee is paid back if cancellation is done 60 days prior to the race,
- 50% of registration fee is paid back if cancellation is done 30 days prior to the race,
- Refunding is no longer available if the cancellation is done within 30 days to the race.

The terms of course changing:
- Participants can change their courses applied by using their registration page before allpy is comfirmed.
- Registration will be finalized when payment and presentation of the health documents are finished. In case of a cancellation (regardless of the reason), limited repayment will be made as announced.
- Terms of comfirmed course changings:

Certification and Conditions

• Participants must be a minimum of 13 years old to participate in the 5K .
• Adventure Kids have 4-6 or 7-12 age groups.
• All participants under 18 should have parent permission.


-5K Male/Female U15
-5K Male/Female 16-24,
-5K Male/Female 25-34,
-5K Male/Female 35-44,
-5K Male/Female 45-54,
-5K Male/Female 55+,
-5K Male/Female General Classman
-Minik Maceracılar Boy/Girl 7-12
What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer.Please click to volunteer!
Mud Race bir Macera Akademisi - Race Setter organizasyonudur.
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