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17 September 2017
Dalia Beach - Kilyos

Points to consider

1- Courses will mass start the time by announced.
2- Bib number will attach as can be shown.
3- The signed ways will be followed by runners. On the race run can have difference on the website. The participants are responsible to visit all check points on route, it is specially valid when referee read participant electronic chip.
4- In the all courses the fastest participant will win.
5- All finished course participant will get a medal or a künye.
6- The detected participants will get penalty/penalties by organisation staff, penalties and disqualification circumstances written at below.
7- Participations sign the Risk Acceptance Form and are responsible themselves.
8- The route is clearly signed, participant will follow signs. Using GPS watches and data from organization staff are allowed. Participants cannot run map except organization published.
9- Precipitants are responsible to follow the general traffic, ownership, and safe rules. It is forbidden to use announced barred zones, passages and methods by organization. If participant do not obey the rules, he/she will be responsible for legal issues (organization will have no responsible in this situation).
10- Given up participant must have notify organization staff, arrive finish point, give race set back. That participant cannot go the course zone and help others.
11- The runners accept in advance Macera Akademisi Ltd have the right to send email and sms for email updates, future events of their own and publish results and photos public on the web. Also, no personal data will be transferred to any other company.
12- Taken photographs, recorded videos and other visual materials rights during the race belong to Organization.

Packet Pick-Up

Please note that a photo ID is required to pick up all packets. You will not be permitted to pick up someone else’s packet, nor will they be permitted to pick up  yours.

Race Etiquette

Run on the right, pass on the left
All racers must wear their race number on their shirt
No diving in the mud pit
All racers must be at least 13 years old to participate in 5K.
All racers must wear shoes through the mud pit.
All racers must stay well hydrated; use the water stations on the course
High five at least 3 volunteers!

Athlete Conduct

All athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like way. MCR Racesetter reserves the right to refuse future race entry and to disqualify anyone who conducts himself or herself in a way unbecoming of an athlete. Fighting, foul language, cheating and other un-sportsmanlike practices will not be tolerated.

Rinse Off Stations and Changing Tents

Bring a towel and a change of clothes! There will be rinse off stations for all racers to clean off and tents to change after the race.

Replenish Food&Drink on the Course and Check Points

o The end of course will serve water.
o In the 5K and 10K courses will serve water in 1-2 control points.

Electronic Control System

RFID Timing System will be used for timing. RFID tags will be placed on behind of Bib number. Do not forget if there is not tag, there will not be timing.
What to Volunteer?
If not as contestant, you can participate as a volunteer.Please click to volunteer!
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